"Oceans" is a song by Coldplay. It is the seventh track from their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories (2014). It was written, produced and performed by Coldplay, with co-production handled by Daniel Green, Paul Epworth and Rik Simpson. The song featured a light orchestra, fade into the next track, "A Sky Full of Stars".

Song by Coldplay
From Ghost Stories
Written by
Produced by
  • Coldplay
  • Paul Epworth
  • Daniel Green
  • Rik Simpson
Genre Folktronica, ambient
  • 5:21
Label 200px-Parlophone logo.svg
Ghost Stories Track Listing
5 6 7
"Another's Arms" "Oceans" "A Sky Full of Stars"


The song is an acoustic ballad that has been described as channelling the earlier works, Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head. The song is predominantly played with an acoustic guitar and a steady electronic drum beat, with a light orchestra accompanying the song towards the end.[2] The song's lyrics, which share the same motif as the rest of the songs featured on Ghost Stories, deal with a troubled relationship.


Wait for your call, love
The call never came
Ready to fall up
Ready to claim
And I'm ready for it all, love
Ready for the pain
Meet under sun and
Meet me again
In the rain
In the rain

Behind the walls, love
I'm trying to change
And I'm ready for it all, love
I'm ready for the change
Meet me in blue sky
Meet me again
In the rain
In the rain
In the rain

You've got to find yourself alone in this world
You've got to find yourself alone

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