42A Head Full of Dreams (Song)A Head Full of Dreams (album)
A MessageA Rush of Blood to the Head (album)A Rush of Blood to the Head (song)
A Sky Full of StarsA Spell A Rebel YellA Whisper
AboutAdventure of a LifetimeAlicia Keys
Always in My HeadAmsterdamAnother's Arms
ApparatjikArmy of OneAtlantic
AviciiBand Aid 30Beyoncé
Bigger StrongerBirdsBrit Awards
Brothers & SistersBrothers & Sisters EPCalendar:14 July
Calvin HarrisCareful Where You StandCemeteries of London
Charlie BrownChinese Sleep ChantChris Martin
ClocksClocks (single)Coldplay
Coldplay Wiki:SandboxDJ MixifyDaylight
Death and All His FriendsDeath will Never ConquerDo They Know It's Christmas
Don't PanicDon't Panic (single)Easy to Please
EverglowEvery Teardrop Is a WaterfallFix You
Fix You (single)For YouFun
Ghost StoriesGhost Stories Live 2014Ghost Stories Tour
Glass of WaterGod Put a Smile Upon Your FaceGod Put a Smile Upon Your Face (single)
Grammy AwardsGreen EyesGuy Berryman
Help is Round the CornerHigh SpeedHigh Speeed
Hurts Like HeavenHurts like HeavenHymn for the Weekend
HypnotisedI Bloom BlaumIn My Place
In My Place (single)InkJonny Buckland
Kaleidoscope EPLeftrightleftrightleftLife in Technicolor
Life in Technicolor IILife in Technicolor II (single)Live 2003
Live 2012Logo contestLost
Lost@Lovers in JapanLow
Magic (song)Main PageMajor Minus
MidnightMylo Xyloto (album)Mylo Xyloto Comics
Mylo Xyloto EraNicki MinajNo More Keeping My Feet On the Ground
Now My Feet Won't Touch the GroundOceansOne I Love
Only SuperstitionParachutes (album)Paradise
PectoralzPolitikPostcards From Far Away
Princess of ChinaProspekt's MarchProspekts March/Poppyfields
Rainy DayRihannaSafety
SandboxSee You SoonShiver
Shiver (single)Something just like thisSpeed of Sound
Speed of Sound (single)Square OneStrawberry Swing
Such a RushSuper Bowl 50 Halftime ShowSwallowed in the Sea
TalkTalk (single)The Blue Room
The EscapistThe GoldrushThe Hardest Part
The Hardest Part (single)The ScientistThe Scientist (single)
Til Kingdom ComeTroubleTrouble (single)
True LoveTwisted LogicU.F.O.
Up&UpUp in FlamesUp with the Birds
Violet HillViolet Hill (single)Viva la Vida (single)
Viva la Vida (song)Viva la Vida or Death and All His FriendsViva la Vida tour
Warning SignWhat IfWhite Shadows
Will ChampionX&Y (album)X&Y (song)
YellowYellow (single)Yes
You only Live Twice
File:(6 10) Yes-ColdplayFile:11702674 10153466643888624 8184488095283556318 n.jpgFile:12200px-Coldplay - Viva la Vida.jpg
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File:220px-Chris-martin.jpgFile:220px-Chris Martin-viva-cropped.jpgFile:220px-Chris Martin - Trouble07.jpg
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File:220px-Violethillcover.jpgFile:330px-Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.jpgFile:330px-Coldplay - Paradise.jpg
File:330px-Mince Spies.jpgFile:330px-The Singles 1999-2006.jpgFile:38955a50-ce39-481d-91fa-5f06b8249e08cp.jpg
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File:AHFOD.pngFile:AHFOD Era.pngFile:AHFOD Mysterious Poster 1.png
File:AHeadFullOfDreams.jpgFile:AHeadFullOfDrreeamssongsinstagram.jpgFile:A Head Full of Dreams (Kaleidoscope Clips Snippet)
File:A Head Full of Dreams Background.jpgFile:A Head Full of Dreams CD.jpgFile:A Head Full of Dreams Tour Poster.jpg
File:A Head Full of Dreams back.jpgFile:A fan unboxing Mylo Xyloto Vinyl EditionFile:A spell a rebel yell - coldplay
File:A whisper ColdplayFile:Adventure of a Lifetime.jpgFile:Adventure of a Lifetime (Matoma Remix).jpg
File:Aimh.jpgFile:Aimh live.pngFile:Always In My Head (Janduny Remix)
File:Always in My HeadFile:Always in My Head (Alternate Live Take)File:Always in My Head (Live at Jimmy Kimmel)
File:Always in My Head (Snippet)File:Always in My head (Live NBC Special)File:Always in my head live.png
File:Another's ArmsFile:Another's Arms (From Ghost Stories Live 2014)File:Another's Arms (Snippet)
File:Another's Arms (Snippet 1)File:Anothers arms live pic.pngFile:Anothers arms live pic 2.png
File:Art DontPanic.jpgFile:Art live2003.jpgFile:Art midnight.jpg
File:Art thescientist.jpgFile:Askyfullofstarsbanner.jpgFile:Atlantic Records.png
File:Banner023.pngFile:Banner024.pngFile:Beat x Beat Coldplay “A Sky Full Of Stars”
File:BerryMan.JPGFile:Billboard 200 dec 2015.pngFile:Billboard feb 2016.png
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File:Cedff3250a589602c3e67cfa176039e5.jpgFile:Chinese Sleep Chant.jpgFile:ChrisMartin.jpg
File:Chris Martin @TidalFile:Chris Martin @ Zane Lowe InterviewFile:Coldpedia.png
File:Coldplay's Ghost Stories Album Launch Target CommercialFile:Coldplay--"Swallowed In The Sea"File:Coldplay-Ghost-Stories.jpg
File:Coldplay-Ghost Stories-CD.jpgFile:Coldplay-LowFile:Coldplay-Miracles-from-Unbroken-2014-1200x1200.png
File:Coldplay-Mylo-Xyloto---Pop-553792.jpgFile:Coldplay- A View From The TopFile:Coldplay-sky-full-of-stars.jpg
File:Coldplay.pngFile:ColdplayConcertTours2014 (1).jpgFile:ColdplayGhostStoriesBig.png
File:Coldplay - -Midnight- (Record Store Day).pngFile:Coldplay - 42File:Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Alternative Video)
File:Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)File:Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official audio)File:Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official video)
File:Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (from Ghost Stories Live 2014)File:Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Acoustic Live at Sirius XM Alt Nation)File:Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Single).png
File:Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official video)File:Coldplay - All Your Friends (Official video)File:Coldplay - Bigger Stronger (Official Video)
File:Coldplay - Careful Where You StandFile:Coldplay - Cemeteries of LondonFile:Coldplay - Clocks
File:Coldplay - Clocks (Live at the BBC)File:Coldplay - Death will never ConquerFile:Coldplay - Don't Panic
File:Coldplay - Fix You (Four Tet Remix)File:Coldplay - Fix youFile:Coldplay - Ghost Stories Live 2014 (Artwork).jpg
File:Coldplay - Ghost Story (Official)File:Coldplay - Ink (Official CD single cover).jpgFile:Coldplay - Ink (Official Fans' Cut)
File:Coldplay - Life In Technicolor iiFile:Coldplay - Life in TechnicolorFile:Coldplay - Live 2003b.jpg
File:Coldplay - LostFile:Coldplay - Lost! (acoustic)File:Coldplay - Lovers In Japan
File:Coldplay - MidnightFile:Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)File:Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)-0
File:Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto.JPGFile:Coldplay - One I LoveFile:Coldplay - Rainy Day
File:Coldplay - ShiverFile:Coldplay - Speed of SoundFile:Coldplay - Such A Rush
File:Coldplay - TalkFile:Coldplay - The GoldrushFile:Coldplay - The Hardest Part
File:Coldplay - The ScientistFile:Coldplay - The Scientist.jpgFile:Coldplay - True Love.jpg
File:Coldplay - True Love (Official video)File:Coldplay - Up&Up (Official video)File:Coldplay - Up&Up (Official video)-0
File:Coldplay - Up with the Birds single cover.jpgFile:Coldplay - Violet HillFile:Coldplay - Viva La Vida
File:Coldplay - What IfFile:Coldplay - White ShadowsFile:Coldplay - X & Y - Lyrics
File:Coldplay - death and all his friendsFile:Coldplay - the escapist hidden trackFile:Coldplay - x&y - til kingdom come
File:Coldplay AHFOD Logo.pngFile:Coldplay Amsterdam VideoFile:Coldplay Banner 1.JPG
File:Coldplay DaylightFile:Coldplay Live 2012 Poster.jpgFile:Coldplay Live in Madrid EP.jpeg
File:Coldplay Live unstaged at Plaza de Toros de las Ventas Madrid - Clocks & Fix You -File:Coldplay Madrid.jpgFile:Coldplay The Hardest Part color.jpg
File:Coldplay a Rush of Blood to the HeadFile:Coldplay confirm auckland show 1723398677.jpgFile:Coldplay ft. Jay-Z - Lost+
File:Coldplay high speedFile:Coldplay iTunes Festival 2011 Artwork.jpgFile:Coldplay live 2012 portada by musicphani-d7snyeo.png
File:Coldplay speedofsound.pngFile:Coldplayink.jpgFile:Coldplaymusic.jpg
File:CplyStore.jpgFile:DSC 6689 resize.JPGFile:DSC 6690 resize.JPG
File:DSC 6691 resize.JPGFile:DSC 6692 resize.JPGFile:Default3.jpeg
File:Easy To Please - Coldplay - Music VideoFile:Example.jpgFile:Exodus Gods and Kings Official Trailer
File:For You - ColdplayFile:GS OTHERS.pngFile:GS SINGLES.png
File:Game of thrones the musical june2.jpgFile:Ghost Stories AnimationFile:Ghost Stories Digital.jpg
File:Ghost Stories Limited Deluxe.jpgFile:Ghost Stories Physical Standard.pngFile:Ghost Stories Target.jpg
File:Glass of water - Coldplay NEW ALBUM PROSPEKT'S MARCH 2008File:Grammy Awards 2012 Coldplay ft Rihanna Princess Of China & Paradise HDFile:Guy Berryman.jpg
File:Guy Berryman Helena Christensen dating u7Ww6I9zzWdl.jpgFile:Guyberryman.jpgFile:Help is Round the Corner - Coldplay
File:High Speed - ColdplayFile:Https watch?v=148rr9iCAD8File:Hurts Like Heaven.jpg
File:Hymn for the Weekend.jpgFile:ILXQP.jpgFile:ITunes Festival 2014 Coldplay.jpg
File:In My Place.jpgFile:Ink.jpgFile:Leftrightleftrightleft.jpg
File:Life in Technicolor.jpgFile:Live2003.jpgFile:Live In Madrid EP 6430577633 79958d8f94.jpg
File:MX PromoSingles.pngFile:MX Singles.pngFile:Major Minus.jpg
File:MidnightSheetOne large.jpgFile:Midnight Giorgio Moroder Remix.pngFile:Midnight Video Screenshot.jpg
File:More.JPGFile:Multilogo2.PNGFile:Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay.jpg
File:Mylo xyloto by 13yellow-d4g2tm1.jpgFile:Myloxyloto.jpgFile:News.png
File:Newsheader.jpg.pngFile:No More Keeping My Feet On The GroundFile:Oceans.jpg
File:Officialbuttons.jpgFile:Officialinks.jpgFile:Oli Sykes 'trashed' Coldplay's Table at NME Awards
File:Parachutes - 2000.jpgFile:Paradisebanner.jpgFile:Photo.jpg
File:Photo (1).jpgFile:Picture1.jpgFile:Picture2.jpg
File:Picture9.jpgFile:Politik - ColdplayFile:Pollbuttons.jpg
File:Prospekt's.jpgFile:Prospekt's March Poppyfields by ColdplayFile:Psychobox.png
File:Rihanna-320-kbps-2fac88.jpgFile:Rush of Blood 2002.jpgFile:Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 11.05.36 PM.png
File:ShiverAlbum.jpgFile:Something Just Like This.pngFile:Songsbutton.jpg.png
File:Stone.pngFile:Strawberry swing- coldplayFile:Studioalbum.jpg
File:TheRemixes.jpgFile:Tour TrailerFile:Trouble.jpg
File:Troubleliveep.jpgFile:Truelove.jpgFile:Tumblr lzvjrskiB71qcvuqpo4 250.gif
File:Tumblr lzvjrskiB71qcvuqpo5 250.gifFile:Tumblr lzvjrskiB71qcvuqpo6 250.gifFile:Tumblr o28w955oYX1rvpulvo1 400.gif
File:Tumblr static tumblr lzvjrskib71qcvuqpo1 250.gifFile:U.F.O..jpgFile:Up In Flames Coldplay Mylo Xyloto.jpg
File:Up with the Birds.jpgFile:Videosbutton.jpgFile:Viva Large.jpg
File:Viva la vida.jpgFile:Wall888888.pngFile:Warning Sign by Coldplay music video
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