Coldplay have made many tours after their release of an album. They are vibrant and energetic.As quoted on their 2012 "Mylo Xyloto" Programme issued to fans, "Coldplay stress that the audience is everything and that they must make sure the audience is having the time of their lives."

Short gigs are what Coldplay love to do. They say in their mylo Xyloto tour programme that they:

" Don't want the audience to feel as if they've had enough and want them to feel like they want more." By doing this they introduced "Xylo Wristbands" for their Mylo Xloto tour. These wristbands light up when they are singing at certain moments during the concert.

Another aspect of coldplay is that they like to include the audience in their show. Chris martin (Lead Singer) has been known for his wild performances.

Short gigs are what Coldplay love to do. Also said in their mylo Xyloto tour programme that they don't want the As of October 2011, Coldplay are Touring for their Mylo Xyloto Album. Their 5th Studio Album.

Coldplay confirm auckland show 1723398677

Chris Martin performing in Coldplay's Viva la Vida tour.


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